Eastham, MA Inn Offers Self-Care Special For Guests

If taking better care of yourself is on your 2019 To-Do List, you’re not alone. Self-care is a growing trend, and for good reason. The benefits can be huge.A blue knit sweater on a table with an open book and cup of tea.

Today we’re realizing that taking better care of ourselves is a way to gain balance in our lives, enjoy more energy, reduce stress, and feel better physically and emotionally. Walking and biking, mindfulness programs (yoga and meditation), healthy eating, tuning out from electronics, and getting a good night’s sleep are all examples of good-for-you things that can have positive results. Even rituals we often think of as pampering, such as sitting in a sauna or soaking in a tub, can be emotionally and physically good for you.

And now here’s a little something else that can help: the Whalewalk Inn Self-Care Special!

Stay in one of our rooms that have a spa tub or soaking tub for two or more nights during April, May or June and receive 20% off your room. While you’re here, you’ll enjoy a facial sheet mask and bath bomb. Choose to have a massage during your stay, and you’ll get 10% off that too. The sauna.And be sure to take time to relax in the spa’s sauna—it’s complimentary for all guests. Not only does it feel good, sitting in a sauna is good for you too: it increases circulation and helps flush toxins from the body, easing sore joints and releasing stress.

At Whalewalk Inn, we’re committed to taking better care of you in lots of ways, such as cozy rooms and comfy beds, soothing baths, and a delicious breakfast each morning.Spa tub with towel laying on the edge.

Take advantage of our Self-Care Special this spring and plan good-for-you weekend for yourself, with a loved one or as a friends’ getaway. Call today for a reservation, or book your stay online!

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