Local Break A Popular Eastham MA Spot

If you’re looking for a delicious shrimp po’ boy, you’ll find it right here in Eastham at the Local Break restaurant. This pleasant eatery is a favorite with locals—a comfy spot with a bar on one side and booths and tables anchoring the other. A photo of Whalewalk Inn showing the main house and smaller house on right.

The menu at Local Break is surprising—more creative than you might expect from the casual look of the place—and consistently good. Along with chicken wings and meatball sliders on the appetizer menu, you’ll find dishes such as a delicious clam chowder, gumbo fritters, tuna sashimi, and duck flatbread with blackberry puree. Entrees are equally varied and include braised pork shank with cornbread-sausage stuffing, green curry mussels, and hearty chicken and waffles. Great burgers and other sandwiches, including the afore-mentioned po’ boy, round out the offerings. There are also   nightly specials listed on the blackboard.

Local Break is exactly that, a friendly neighborhood place to relax at the end of a busy day. It’s open daily for dinner and serves local draft beers, homemade white and red sangria, and cocktails.

Local Break
4550 255-6100
Daily, 4:00 p.m. till close

Another nice thing about Local Break—it’s super close to Whalewalk Inn, so you can easily try it the next time you visit. Be sure to call soon to book your summertime stay!

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